Monday, March 7, 2011


Friends I had my first fill and it was a piece of CAKE.  Well not an actual piece of cake. Gosh that sure sounds good. Like a piece of white wedding cake with creamy icing.  Oh my. I have digressed as usual.  This past week has been fantastic. Not having much restriction was kind of fun but I did not go crazy.  I had kind of plateaued with the weight loss and so I was so ready for the fill so we could get this party train started.  Funny thing is when I got on the scale this morning I was down 2 lbs. Finally.  So that makes a total of 30lbs.  The doctor was quite surprised I had lost any after my post-op appointment. He said that most people don't lose any during that healing time before the first fill. I lost 7.5lbs. So that was a happy surprise.  I was so frustrated because it was like one pound a week. I wanted it to be FASTER.  And hopefully now with some fluid, it will be.  I know it will be awhile until I get to the sweet spot. They fill it soooo slowly.  I think I only have like 5cc's and then in two weeks they add more.  I can tell a bit of a difference.  I won't really know until I eat real food on Wednesday. And I have been eating all real food up until this point.  I really have not been scared to eat real food. Now I am sure once I experience that food sticking thing, I will be more cautious. But for now, I just eat what I want.  

Now for the exercise. Someone needs to kick me in the butt.  Why oh Why can I not seem to get on that bus?  What makes it so hard?  Maybe it is the fact that I am trying to go off my estrogen and I am having some of the worse hot flashes. I feel like I have a small oven inside of my body.  I had the big H last year (yes I am young but boy it was the bestest decision ever) and was put on estrogen. I took it and really did not give it much thought but then I started reading (my first mistake) about all the horrible things synthetic estrogen can do. Soooo, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to quit cold turkey. And then when I thought things couldn't get worse I have an OB appt. tomorrow (which I totally spaced off and got the reminder call today) and so now I have to tell the doctor that I decided that I did have MD behind my name and that I know so much more than her, that I stopped my meds. Yup I can't wait to have that conversation tomorrow. Maybe she will be so pleased that my two ton belly looks a bit smaller and she will congratulate me on my loss and overlook my bad behavior.  

I dunno folks.  I just know that I need to get on the exercise wagon and of course I did not go to to bet against myself because I could not make up my mind if I was going to be Pro-Me or Pro-whatever.  Another one of my shortfalls, INDECISION.  It's a wonder I decided to go thru with this surgery because I was on the fence.  Worried sick.  But I did read this fabulous sign today:  The Majority of What You Worry About Today Never Happens.  Oh my true.  Definitely words to live by from the number one worrier of the world.

Take care friends and good night.


P.S. - I did earn some brownie points today. My daughter noticed a lost dog up the street. The dog was from a town over from ours. I am not sure how he found his way here and why he decided to head east but he ended up on our street and my daughter and I bribed him with food to not be afraid of us and once he got over being afraid he jumped in my arms. It was the most awesome feeling ever.  Thank goodness he was chipped and so we were able to re-unite him to his family.  That chip thing really is a good thing.  :) So happy it worked out for little Shiloh. We temporarily named him Stewart (like Steward Little and his little adventures). 


  1. The key to exercise is finding something you love and doing something hard enough to feel the exercise high - then you'll start to crave it. Half the time I exercise cuz it's fun to write in my journal that I did it!

  2. I 2nd what Draz gotta find what you like or what works for you. I LOVE Jazzercise so I actually like going to class and have gotten to know some of the other girls that go. We hold each other accountable.

    I also run, but not because I like it. I run because I'm competitive and I always want to beat my last time/distance/pace/whatever. It makes me feel good. :)

  3. Hey Deb! Finally made it over here to catch up (and following now)! I'm SO happy we'll get to meet at BOOBs...and hope you found a great roomie (I can tell I'm going to love you already!).

    You're kickin' butt! 30 pounds already?!! ...BTW I think it took 4 fills to get me to 5cc's 'slow'...NOT! LOL! -BG