Monday, August 29, 2011

About Me...for the fellow Boobs

Title: BOOBs 2011 Fun Facts!
  1. How did you pick your blog name?
Well...I think by nature I am a bit Ditzy...and kind of dizzy...I have an inner ear disease and so that naturally makes me hearing impaired and a bit balanced challenged.  Which can be quite funny. I find myself laughing at myself all the time.  What I hear and what people say are not always the same thing so hopefully most of y’all will have as good a sense of humor as I do about it...I guess I chose the name so that I would view it as a diary and not so much a blog.  
  1. When did you start blogging?
When I decided to have the surgery...Not long.  I am TERRIBLE at it.  I don’t blog regularly and I have never shared it with any of my face to face friends. My hubby has never even read it!  
  1. Theme of blog (weight loss, finances, beauty, etc)
Probably mostly weight loss...struggles...insecurities...oh my gosh, I sound so depressing.  I may start writing about cupcakes...something more fun!
  1. Did you go to BOOBs 2010?
  1. When were you banded?
January 25, 2011
  1. How much have you lost?
Not much...35lbs...I am not a good loser.  Still learning and changed doctors for more help with using it as a better tool.  Still love the nectar of the Gods, Sweet Tea.  
  1. What are you most looking forward to at BOOBs?
Meeting gals that are like me.  And enjoying being around people that have the same struggles, success, and getting out on my own a bit. I live mostly for my family. Whom I ADORE.  But I find I put them FIRST and rarely do “me” stuff. In fact, the big question from hubby and my own momma is...are you really going to be able to travel on your own?  Are you kidding me? I’m 43!!!  But, I have not been out and about on my own since being married. How weird is that...(18 years folks).  I want to laugh and be silly.  Bring out that inner goof ball.  And not be worried about my size and what everyone is thinking.  
  1. What/who do you hope to find/see/accomplish at BOOBs 2011?
I wanna do the things I wanna do. I was in Chicago this past July for a volleyball tournament on Navy Pier and all I saw was the inside of the gym for 4 straight days. The only thing I got to do was ride a boat and the ferris wheel (and I had to do both of those without my daughter because she was playing) 
I wanna make new friends..find out their secrets.  Win a prize because I know there are always prizes. giggle! Wear a fun outfit.  Laugh at something naughty.  Learn some new eating tricks.  Find a fun bestie from another state.  Take a 1,000 pictures. Eat something new.  Walk a million steps.  Meet some of the fantastic bloggers that are my Blog Idols.  Love Drazil...she is the most amazing writer.  Love Steph Joy...she inspires me to do better...
Oh my I could go on and on!
  1. Children? Pets?
I have one Daughter (giggle! I love her to pieces...She is the cats meow.) We have a dog named Hunter. He is a yellow lab that is lazier than me.  He also is afraid of the water. Maybe that's why he was a cast away at the shelter. And we have a cat named Maisy Mae. Who is the biggest cuddler in the world.  She looks like a mini cow. 
  1. Who is your roomie?
Someone I have NEVER met.  How awesome is that?  Her name is Rebekah (love the spelling of her name) and Angie.  I have only talked to Rebekah but she is friends with Angie.  So I am sure we will have lots of fun.  They are younger than me so hopefully they will keep me up past my normal bedtime. 
  1. Hobbies?
Photography....I have a website of some of my  Who has time for hobbies when you have a teenager?
  1. Career?
Domestic Goddess...keeper of the home.  CEO, taxi driver, chef, cheerleader, maid, volunteer, wife, mother....
  1. Single? Married? In a relationship?
Married...18 years. 
  1. Your birthday month?
  1. What do you want other BOOBs to know about you?
I can be silly.  Spontaneous. Love trying new things.  Seeing new things. Have a bit of a dare-devil side to me.  eeek!  Looking forward to meeting all of y’all!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To Go Or Not To Go...the 25th Reunion

Well friends I had to make the decision to go to my 25th high school reunion.  And being a bit fluffy I was feeling a bit intimidated about the whole deal.  No one likes to be the fatty at the reunion...but I rested in comfort knowing that people don't judge me now (and are my friends) in my current state of fatness.  So, I put on my big girl panties (literally) and decided to go.  I actually had a pretty good time.  I took a few friends (including my daughter).  It was an open outdoor event with 4 schools in our district attending and it was open for multiple graduating years.  It was a public venue and I knew the people in the band so I took my entourage (of courage) and we actually had a great time and I was able to introduce my daughter to some of my best high school friends.  I actually allowed for my picture to be taken!  Good gravy what is the world coming too? I just want to say with my new badge of courage, I am ready to meet all of y'all in Chicago!

Happy hugs friends,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hotter than HELLo Kitty! Finally a PIC of ME

Now that is one hot tamale and I am not talking about ME!  It would be one thing if we lived in Arizona or some desert hell but no, we live in Missouri.  You would think with all of the sweating I am doing I would be losing weight.  But my fingers feel like small round sausages.  My dear daughter wanted me to lay out with her today by the swamp.  (my pool) I am not feeling the swamp calling my name today.  It is a light shade of green.  Almost looks like toxic waste.  And it is like bath water.  

I went to the store today and got all the goodies the dietician suggested to make my band "my friend".  I have to wait until the 11th to get it squeezy tight again.  So right now I could probably eat a big mac just fine.  Not that I really would want too. I imagine I would vomit it up just from my body saying NO WAY JOSE.  In fact, when we are traveling I have tried on several occasions to eat McD just to be easy with the family and EVERY time I throw it up.  Wonder if anyone else has that problem. It's like the makers of the LAP BAND put some sort of chemical in it that makes McDonalds come right back up.  But I can eat a Krispy Kreme Kruller.  What gives I wonder?  

I saw a post that said we need to post more pics of ourselves so y'all can get a better idea of who they are looking for.  A friend of mine took some pics of us at dinner.  Not great clarity but enough you get the idea.  I hope one day to be in the front of the picture instead of always using my family has the human shield.  Like people don't know I am goodness.  It just feels so natural to be in the back...hiding.  I can't wait to pose like my dear daughter does.  Hand on hip and big ol smile on her face.  All 5' 10 1/2 inches of her.  And she still is growing.  I digressed.  

I want that picture standing next to her...proud...not judging myself for my belly or double chins (notice I said chins).  I am a photographer (semi-pro...) and I love being BEHIND the camera.  And I get so frustrated with clients when they talk about how "fat" they look.  I never see it in other people.  Just myself.  I see happy family moments and I don't focus on if they have a double chin or what not.  Why can't I do that for me???  I'm ready for that confidence.  Bring it on "lap band friend"!

So here you go folks...a pic of me and my family...(and I am not sure what happened to my husbands eyes.)


Monday, August 1, 2011

Sometimes You Just Gotta Ask for Help

I just love reading some of y'alls full of life and energy.  Especially those of y'all that have reached your goals and are having the time of your life with the energy that you need to do all the things you want to do.  Sometimes I get so jealous.  Isn't that crazy?  I feel like such a loser because I haven't met the goals I set out to reach by now.  Most of it is because of my own bad choices.  I know...and some of it is I have not become "friends with my band".  Whatever....

So I reached out to someone that I don't know very well and they actually came through.  Most primary care doctors usually don't listen but my doctor did.  And I got a very uplifting phone call from a dietician and she offered so much support and is ready and willing to walk me thru this process.  It's like my doctor that did my surgery was really gung ho to do the surgery but the follow-up is not really his deal.  And so I get fills and un-fills and fills and un-fills just kind of flailing about with my weight yo-yoing all over the place.

I really feel confident that I am going to get back on the right track.  I don't know why...but I just feel like I was thrown a life jacket.  And I have been trying to keep up with the local "boobettes" that I will get to meet in Chicago.  I am very, very excited.  It is like things are finally maybe gonna click for me.  Yipeeee!  Skippeeee!

And it is going to be 107 degrees tomorrow!  Holy Monkeys..will the weather ever be "normal"?  My pool looks like a swamp right now.  Green and SLIMY.  YUCK!!  With that I decided a new form of exercise at the urging of my dear daughter.  Really...what was she thinking? She probably wasn't thinking...All she has on her mind is driving.  (Dear Daughter is on the right..with her best friend that got her license the same day).

With all the butt kicks, mountain climbers, suicides, jumping jacks...I lost the oxygen to my brain. (I guess I thought if I could survive riding in the car with her that I could surely handle Shaun from INSANITY.)  I had enough after 20 minutes.  I told my hubby that our dear daughter had suggested this.  He laughed. I told him that I was going back to the fake people on the Wii. Even though I feel kind of stupid racing a plastic looking weeble-wabble.

But on a positive note, I got rid of the was just a temporary set-back with my inner ear disease.
Thanks for all the good vibes that came my way.