Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I got my second fill yesterday. I told the doctor that I didn't have much restriction and that I wanted MORE.  I had not lost any weight from my first fill and so he went CrAzY and put 2 1/2 cc's in there. When I tried to drink the water it came back up. Eek.  So the nurse took out 1/2 a cc right then.  I thought I was ok.  But as the evening went on, it got worse. I was choking on my own spit.  Really?  Can that happen?  It was happening.  I didn't read that in the fine print. Being a newbie, I thought I was going to die..and thats when I became Linda Blair. I do have to say my hubby took it like champ. And we even got a giggle out of it all.  It was like "what the heck just happened?" Now I understand the baggie thing y'all talk about. It was awful. I called the nurse and there was nothing she could do.  She told me that I was going to miserable all night.  I wish at this time I would have had a banded mentor to help me thru the madness. It was the worse thing everrrrr.  But, I survived.  And thank goodness the nurse met me at the doctors office at 6AM and took out 1cc. I hate that I had to have fluid taken out but I just could not do it. I feel like a loser because I could not keep it all in.  Yet, the nurse tried to tell me that the doctor normally does not put that much in...so it was ok....maybe he was mad because I did not lose anything from my last visit (initial fill). I dunno.  

I hope that I manage to lose some weight since I had the fluid removed. :(  

As for a NSV:  I wore jeans this past weekend that I had not been able to wear since I had
my hx last year!!!  whooo hoooo!  Love it.

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  1. Being too full is worse that being not full enough. Choking on your own spit sucks!! :) I had the same issue, got some taken out and now I'm at my sweet spot. It is no bad on your part. Hope this does the trick for you!!