Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Inner Paula Deen

Not exactly what a band-er needs to be cooking. But oh my gosh I love to make fun food.  Who can resist Goblin Chocolate Cake Balls? Mmmm...They were a thank you to high school kiddos that were so nice when I was a substitute teacher.  I love subbing.  Or should I say I love subb-ing in the high school.  I am not feeling the love at the elementary level.  Those teachers should make a six figure income with what they have to put up with every day.

As for my lap band journey. I fell off the wagon and indulged in the land of good and plenty and ate "plenty" of the wrong things.  These past few months.  Today, I met with my doctor and we developed a PLAN OF ACTION that I think is do-able. I went in today for another fill and so far so good.  I also have started losing weight again. (Per the weigh in at the doctors office.I have been avoiding the scale like the plague) whooo hooo!  People have FINALLY stopped asking me how much I have lost. They can probably tell I haven't lost any or just got tired of asking and me saying...I am at a plateau.  Either way, I am very happy that they stopped asking. 

With the new teaching gig I got to purchase some new clothes. That was fun since that I am in a smaller size now.  Unfortunately, they stretched a bit and I should have purchased even one size smaller.  If I stay on track, I won't be able to wear them for long.  What a great problem!  

I am thinking of running the SANTA RUN this December to stay motivated to exercise.  I also got this silly flyer in the mail about a gym doing a $12.99 per month deal.  It is "for reals" because one of my friends took advantage of it...so I am too.  Gyms are probably one of my least favorite places.  But for $12.99 (less than a meal) I can't resist.  I talked to the owner and he said he did it because another gym in town was going to do it so he beat them to the punch and offered the special deal before them.  I don't care who did what first..I just want the great deal.  

To finish off my blog...I couldn't resist another food creation. I made them for my daughters Varsity Volleyball Team tourney.  We are the Eagles. (If you couldn't tell)
Hugs to all...Deb


  1. SOoooo cute!

    The more I lost weight the more I liked the gym! Truth!

  2. Great job getting back on the wagon! I like your doctor for being encouraging :)

    Those little treats are so cute! The eagles are super duper fun looking!

    And go take advantage of that gym deal! The key to enjoying the gym is an awesome playlist on your mp3 player.