Friday, February 18, 2011

The Good Doctor

Today I went and saw the good doctor.  He is the "good doctor" because there are NO scales in his office. He is my ear specialist and he is the bomb diggity.  He was a bit of a meany because he had to dig around the tube in my ear and that made my ear ouchy. I did let out a tiny scream so the other patients would know that the room on the left was a torture room and to be happy they weren't placed in that room.  I did have lunch with my dear hubby afterwards and that made it a bit better.  I had my usual chicken salad while he noshed on chips and a brownie for dessert.  I am anxious about my upcoming "fill".   I want to feel a bit more restricted than I am now. I really feel like I can eat just about anything.  Yet I have not tempted the band goddess. As for my bands official name, I think I am going to keep the name Lilly (when she is being nice) and Lillian (when she is being not so nice).  Kind of like when your mom yells your entire name when you are in trouble. I may change her name to reflect a more "soprano-ish" kind of name.  I love the whole Italian thing...kind of jersey shore-ish. It could be that I am just jealous of their dark beautiful skin since I am a translucent pale white girl from the south.  I also like the idea of my lap-band coming from the country of Columbia.   So that would give "Lilly" a spanish accent like my friend Patricia.  I love listening to her talk. It is going to be another long tournament weekend...filled with nacho, pretzels, and hot dogs...I will be bringing my delish protein shakes to avoid the natural food disasters that await in the food courts of hell.  Here is to a food-tabulous weekend!

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