Thursday, February 17, 2011

Please forgive me, It has been 17 days since my last post....

Hoping that I can be forgiven for not posting for 17 days!  What was I thinking? Things are going quite good.  I was released to real food after my post op follow up.  We were traveling the weekend that this happened and so my first "real meal" out was at Granite City Brewery. Unfortunately, it was horrible.  Walleye Fish...yuck.  But it went down fine and was the first non-mushy food I got to eat. So it will go down in history.  Finding lunch in this itty bitty town was like a scavenger hunt.  I ended up finding a place called DD's (next to the Red Roach Inn in El Dorado, KS). I got an over-cooked tiny $6 "loaded" baked potato.  Not sure what it was loaded with.  It does get tricky eating out those first few days.  Then I had grilled fish for dinner and something did not settle right...I think it may be sauces or spicy. Thank goodness for Maalox.  That is the dream med..keep it handy folks.  The week flew by and then we went out of town again. Back to El Dorado but stayed in Wichita.  We ate at Chilis and I ate my first BEEF item.  We shared the slider hamburger meal. I ate one baby slider. It was DELISH.  No problems with beef.  Hooray.  The cow God's were smiling on me.  I think the main thing is chewing.  I ate hamburger for dinner on the road after the tournament and it did not go down very well. Could be I ate too fast or it was too greasy.  Being on a toll road and no where to pull over.  It was sooo painful.  I had to fish in the suitcases for the Maalox.  Ahhh instant relief.  I'm gonna keep that in the car console from now on.  I will tell ya, real food does cause me to be GASSY.  And it isn't the silent kind.  So if you don't wanna poot in front of others, you are gonna be in some serious trouble.  You can be like a loaded gun at times.  

I finally started exercising (like for real).  And it went pretty good.  I'm 3 weeks post surgery and feel pretty good so I felt like I needed to get going since I am supposed to run/walk a 1/2 marathon in June. We have had unusually warm weather for KC this week so I got outside and walked for 40 minutes. Not sure how far that was but there was a huge-mongous hill that did almost kill me.  It is hard to believe that 3 short years ago I ran up that hill.  

My pants are looking a bit more baggy and one pair looks like a family of five could set up camp in them.  I like that a bunch.  The weight loss has slowed waaaay down and I am trying to get used to that.  I was getting used to the 1 lb a day loss.  So BE MENTALLY PREPARED.  I think it is because I'm am eating more "normal" foods and probably don't have much restriction.  I will get restricted on March 7th. The day after my Anniversary.

Overall, I am doing well and I am looking forward to March.

Small Victories:  
1. Loose Pants
2. Did not eat Cupcakes I made for girls.
3. Got off my butt and walked for exercise (but I have walked a lot while shopping)
4. Planning meals.
5. 1/4 of a way down to my goal weight! Whoo Hooo!

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