Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Dizzie's STRIKE AGAIN!!

After all of this fabulous support I have been receiving I have been on the band wagon and logging all my foods on this groovy site called My Fitness Pal.  I love the feature that says...if your days look like this you will be this weight in 5 weeks or something like that. Love that!!

But alas, I have the dizzies again.  I have this crappy inner ear disease that loves to rear it's ugly head when I decide to "make a change" I am not kidding. It happens EVERY time.  If there were some way I could fool it and not let it know.  So off I went to the ER because they want to rule out stroke, heart attack etc...none of which I had.  And some weird infection called mastoiditis.  Something in the inner ear.  I have a shunt in there and maybe it can get clogged up or something. I dunno.  Anyway, so I spend the WHOLE morning and afternoon in there.  They give me an anti-biotic and some sort of anti-inflammatory via my buttocks and valium.  Which I have taken...and it does seem to be helping some.

OK. I am wayyyy off here but what I did after the hospital was have my mom go to Panera and get me some of that good mac and cheese.  I'm feeling kind of guilty but I did log it and I still have calories to spare.  It's just that mac and cheese is one of my comfort foods and when I got sick I turned to the easy peasy decision.  AGAIN.  Will I ever learn?  So folks...I'm swearing off mac and cheese for a while.  You read it...I'm sticking to it!!!  I am going to treat this blog like a confessional of sorts.  Imagine us sitting in a box and I am telling you the food sins I have committed.

Thank you dear friends for listening.  And if any of y'all do like to pray, I would ask for one to heal my inner ear again..without the need of more surgery...I will see my ear specialist tomorrow.  Until then..friends...I am off to sleep.

Dizzy Deb


  1. I love MyFitnessPal! Friend me if you want...my user name is "justlynda"

  2. Mac and Cheese...nectar of the gods...how I miss it!!!

    Hope the inner ear problems clear up...I know it's miserable!!

  3. Oh please...I am not a BOOB leader, just a cheerleader!! Myfitnesspal.com is a great site. Remember that protein is your friend, so protein first and at least 60 to 80grams a day!!

  4. I'm sorry you have felt bad, but YAY for getting everything on track. No worries about the Mac & Cheese, you logged it, recognized it as a trigger and are working to control it. I think that sounds awesome!

  5. Mmmm mac & cheese is evil and I love it. Great job recognizing that it's not something that you can have too often.

  6. Yay, way to get back on track, rommie! You know, I think it's okay to eat Mac & Cheese if it fits within your daily calories. But you know, just not often. :) And way to log your food!!

    I'm keeping you in my prayers about your inner ear problems. Is the ENT wanting to do another surgery?

  7. Hope you get to feeling better soon!