Monday, July 18, 2011


Holy Monkeys!  I wake up this morning and see all these fabulous BOOB friends have sent me messages of encouragement.  Oh my goodness.  It was like one big virtual HUG that I was not expecting at all.  I have a new surge of energy.  Weighed myself and I am ready to make that scale go down...little by little. And I loved KiKi's honesty about where she is in her journey.  I have to keep that in mind that I was on my way up before surgery...and not down.  And I am wearing clothes that I have not worn in 2 years.  Which is a huge NSV in my book and it keeps me out of the stores shopping.  I get to go shopping in the clear bins in the bottom of my closet. giggle.  

But at the same time I really took an inventory of why I am where I am and maybe my feelings of disappointment are with the choices I have made.  Ones that have kept me from the sweet success I wanted to feel.  And I don't like what I see when I really get real with it all.  I feel the need to get honest with y'all who have been so nice with your comments that I feel guilty that y'all feel bad for me.  I really don't deserve all your kindness but I APPRECIATE IT SOOOO MUCH! That it's time to GET REAL with myself and lay out my dirty dishes so the company can see them.  

(No one likes Dirty Dishes in their sink with company comes. giggle)

1. Calories (I guess I thought I would not have to worry about em anymore because I was going to be eating so much less.) BIG OL' LIE.  Super yummy homemade mac and cheese...slides right on down with the 1 stick of butter I add to it. Which makes it a DELISH DISH. And FULL of calories. Even if it is just one cup. 
2. Exercise (Vacuuming my pool does not count even if it does take an hour.) 
3. I replaced Sprite with Sweet Tea and Sonic Strawberry Lemonades (all empty calories but they don't get stuck and give me feel good least that is what I have been telling myself) HUGE LIE. Gasp!  Could it be I am addicted to SUGAR?  No way Jose!  Get off the bus Gus!

OK those are the biggies fellow BOOBS.  So no more feeling sorry for the fat girl.  Let's get busy and rock this weight off the right way.  This band is a TOOL.  I have been using it like a screwdriver when I really need a hammer.  (Screwing myself with bad choices instead of hammering the bad habits out)

Thanks to all of you for lifting me up and making me get HONEST about this crap. I can only be disappointed in the choices I have been making.  And it can work right.  If I treat it right.  She (the band) has helped me lose 30+ pounds when I treat her right.   I hope y'all know how much you have encouraged me in just one night.  To get real.  I owe each one of y'all a huge ol' hug and I will see y'all in Chi-Town.

Lots of love to all,


  1. So glad to hear this! Can't wait to meet you!

  2. Now this is the kind of post I like to hear. Sometimes we all need a good kick in the pants to see what we are doing that may not be the best for us and I know for me, it was tracking my food intake using If it went into my mouth, I logged it. You don't realize the calories you can mindlessly consume. I know I was addicted to McDonalds Sweet Tea. 300 calories of liquid sugar, which I justified as my water. At least one a day. Every day of Empty calories. It wasn't until I reached out to others on the blogs and got advice and REALLY listened to them that I learned what I needed to change. My doctor was incredibly helpful as well.

    Exercise is the key. We all hate it at first, but it makes a world of difference. Starting today, you need to take your measurements (waist, bust, hips, legs, arms and neck) so when you start working out and the scale may not show much movement, you WILL be able to see how your body is responding. Inches will come off and you will get leaner, but by replacing fat with muscle, the scale may not show it at first (can take a few weeks). But you will have that sense of accomplishment when you feel your clothes getting looser and see that measureing tape get smaller. :)

    Remember that this is not a life of dieting, but a lifestyle change. Moderation is the key. You can still have butter, just not a lot of it, not all the time. Deprivation only leads to desperation.

    You are stronger than you realize and I have faith in you and Chicago is EXACTLY the place you need to be in September!!

  3. It really sounds like your getting hones with yourself, and that is what needs to happen. You will surly start moving down from here! Best of luck to you, and I look forward to meeting you in Chicago!

  4. Hi there! Saw you as the featured BOOB today so I figured I'd pop by and say hello. I look forward to getting to know you!

  5. Hey Deb... Have you tried the Mio Liquid water enhancer sweet tea flavor? It's pretty good, I drink only water now because I prefer to eat my calories but drinking is a way that alot of bandsters get the calories in. Alcoholic drinks, Soda, Juice, and sugary drinks. You could take in 1000 extra calories a day by liquid consumption. I also find that deprivation, or refusing yourself a craving causes binging... I have eaten 500 extra calories of "Healthy Food or Snacks" when refusing myself a 350 calorie Krispy Kreme donut. Just have the donut, you won't be able to eat it all and if you do... who cares. I have craved one once in my 16 month journey so far but I continued to crave it until I got one. I don't bring ice cream or candy into the house because I can't eat them in moderation, I will "Treat" myself to them when I am out once in a while though. We all have made simple changes along the way to find out what works for us. And sometimes what has works for us so far, may not work anymore... so we need to switch it up a little. Success is making changes that will help us for a lifetime and not giving in or giving up... along the way. When I say giving in, I mean if you eat something that's a bad choice... move on, make extra good choices... Don't have that diet mentality where you say the day's ruined, just eat anything and everything. You can move on easily from one bad choice but all bad choices lead to more bad choices. If I could I would eat only cake for the rest of my life... but I can't. I can eat it more often than I thought I could though... and Life goes on!

  6. Hi Deb. I saw you featured on BOOBS and thought I'd pop over and check out your blog.
    It will be nice getting to know you.
    I can't make Chicago this year but I am hoping for next year.
    I am a cola addict. That was my biggest downfall. I have ony been banded for 7 weeks. But I have only had one coke since and I feel great without it! I know if I allowed myself to strt drinking it again I would not be able to stop.
    I hope that together we can all help each other 'fight the good fight'

  7. RIGHT ON! I'm proud of you for facing your own reality.

  8. Sounds like you are back on track with the mental game. I know that many of us didn't (haven't/aren't) losing quickly...but the important thing is that we are losing! I am just a little over a year from surgery and have lost "only" 40 lbs. But, that's 40 lbs I wouldn't have lost otherwise and another 10-20 lbs that I didn't gain. I also haven't been a model bandster, but we all have our own unique path that we must take to get us to our destination.

  9. I'm looking forward to meeting you! Keeping in touch with my fellow band bloggers is one of the things that keeps getting me back on track. It is inevitable that we all get off track sometimes...we support each other to get us back in the right direction!! You can do it!

  10. **New follower**
    Can't wait to get to know you!!!



  11. Deb, so nice to meet you! To tell you the truth, I need to be more honest with myself too. Thank you for giving me a push! Can't wait to meet you in Chicago!!!!

  12. Yay, look at all this awesome support! Keep blogging, so we can know how you are doing and encourage you. You are being so real about where you are, let us hold you accountable to move on and make the right choices!

    Looking forward to doing this together and can't wait to meet you!