Thursday, January 13, 2011

CHANGES..some good, some bad

If blonds have more fun, do they know it??

I did something wild and crazy yesterday. I dyed my hair mocha brown. Supposedly that is my "natural color". Not so sure I am on the band wagon with the stylist. I think she may have fudged a bit. (No pun intended) I know I have colored my hair for the last 25 years and that I really don't know what my natural color is, but I don't think this is it.  Let's just say when my dear husband returned home he asked me, "Is that a wig?"With which I replied, "No." Not believing me he comes over and tugs on my hair.  Yes, you read that right. He pulled my hair in disbelief.  Not the happy camper. He asks me why in the world did I do that? He loved my blond locks. I said I wanted something different.  I got "different" alright. I have to admit I look a little bit like a Dolly Pardon or Ava Gabor wig catalog. I am not sure why. It is just hair. I know plenty of brown hair beauties and their hair does not look like a wig.  Why does mine?  I can't figure it out. So I did like any other gal would do and I washed it..not once, but 5 times.  To see if the "wiggyness" would go away. Nope, it looks like chocolate has been dumped on my hair.  Like I made a trip to the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory and an Ompa had his way with me.

I have made it almost 3 days into the diet. The headache came today. I was expecting it. Heck, lack of food and Sprite finally caught up with me. I am soooo hungry. I am learning to not gag on the protein shakes and bought several different brands and I have to say the Costco Premier brand is the best by far. EAS is NASTY.  Muscle Milk Lean is too sweet.  Arbonne 8 is the WORST of them all. So I vote for the Costco brand and it is easy because you don't need a blender.  Unless you are adding fruit..which I am not.

I also got a BODY MEDIA armband to monitor my exercise intake and food intake. It is pretty groovy and so far I am a fan. Is it totally accurate? Probably not, but it is a cool and fun gadget. Love all the pretty graphs.  And I can buy customized skins for it to make it sassy. Like me.

Tomorrow I go to the pre-op meeting with the dear husband to hear about what we can expect during and after surgery. In the past, I am sure we would have gone out for dinner and talked about it but that will not happen tomorrow.  I will get to choose a delish Lean Cuisine to dine on. And who knew that Lean Cuisine could taste so good?

And to answer the first question...I always knew I was having a good fact, I was the life of the party. Party on blond girls!


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