Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SuRGerY DaY!!!

The run down of what happened today.  I woke up at 5AM to get ready for the big event.  We left at 5:45AM to make it to New Hope Bariatric by 6:30AM.  I got there and saw some familiar nurse faces.  They were so nice.  Pat, from New Jersey, was my nurse.  She was so nice.  They try to keep you from being nervous as a cat but for me that was an impossible job. The worse part in the beginning was the shot they give you to keep from getting blood clots.  It is so painful. I did actually kind of sound like a pig squealing when she injected me.  OUCH.  But it goes away after awhile. Then they get the IV's going.  They don't give you the happy meds to calm you until you go back to surgery. Then I went nighty, nighty.  When I woke up my chest hurt so bad. It hurt to breathe.  The gas is killer.  It causes the most pain.  But I also had a hernia that I was not aware of that needed to be repaired so that causes the other extreme chest pain.  So sit up as soon as you can!  That really helps.  Before I was released they made me go potty and they do this cool barium test.  You get to see the fluid move through your band.  I wish I would have had my video.  Oh and the liquid pain meds they give you are awful.  I had them add grape to hopefully make it taste better. I also took Maalox as soon as I got home to help with the gas pain and it really helps so invest in that too.  I have been drinking pretty steady.  Small amounts but it keeps the hunger at bay and keeps me hydrated.  I am loving the cranberry-apple juice.  Refreshing and delish.  

I was listening to my ipod and taking pics by 11:00AM and up walking around. My incisions are little and they are able to use one of the other sites to repair the hernia.  I was in my own bed at home by 3PM updating Facebook and watching Pretty Little Liars. My guilty pleasure.

I feel so blessed by all the prayers and friends supporting me in my journey. One day I will get the nerve to share that I have a blog.  

Hugs to all....  


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