Sunday, January 30, 2011

Warning: Info you may not wanna know. :)

Dear Friends,

I feel like I should write this letter so that you can be fully aware of what "may" happen in this stage of recovery. Yes, it is graphic and not so pretty, but it can happen.  Mr. and Mrs. Brown do not want to go swimming in the porcelain pool.  Yup.  I didn't think it would happen to me because when I had my hysterectomy I did not have this terrible affliction.  I thought it only belonged to the weak.  Yet, day 5 has produced this phenomena.  I will have to turn to the mighty red pill to "relax" the Brown's in hopes that they will be happy to swim among friends. 

I have enjoyed eating real food.  Even though my dear daughter referred to last nights dinner as "barf".  And she even did a gagging noise like it was going to make her mercy puke on the spot.  I do have to admit it did not look pretty, but I guess that is what it looks like in it's final destination anyway. I am just helping it along.  It was mac and cheese...nothing green or anything.  When I was released from the prison of clear liquids, my creative juices got flowing. My first "meal" was pureed baked potato soup. Delish by all accounts.  This morning I noshed on grits.  Cooked, not instant, and they were fabulous with lots of salt and butter.  MMMM...If you ware wondering how much I can eat at a time. Well, really there is no restriction and I just start to get "burpy".  That's when I think the tank is getting full and I stop. It is about 1/2 cup of whatever I am eating.  That meal will last approximately 2-3 hours and then the tummy starts to rumble again.  I imagine when I start eating "even more real" food, I should be able to go longer in between.  Like today's menu looks like this. 

8:00AM - 1/2 cup cooked grits
11:00AM - 1 cup apple juice
12:00PM - 1 cup milk
12:30PM - 1/2 cup Panera Broccoli Cheddar Soup
 3:00PM - Sugar Free Fat Free Banana Pudding
5:00PM - 1/2 cup cran-grape juice
6:30PM-1 cup milk
7:00PM- 1/2 cup pureed lasagna with meat sauce  

I am trying to eat at least 800 calories a day and want to be up to at least 1200 so I will not be in starvation mode and will be getting the nutrients I need to successfully lose weight and not lose my hair and skin tone due to lack of nutrients.

Pain wise I would say it is much easier...did not take any pain meds (over the counter or otherwise) today.  I am starting to get "itchy" because my incisions are healing.  I wanna scratch them. I feel more "pain" in the morning. I understand what they say about feeling tight. I actually can feel the port.  It's like it gets kind of stuck in a position (like you sleep on it wrong) and then it works it's way back into position when you get up and moving.  I can pretty much bend over now and put my own socks and shoes on. Yup, you read that right. No pain. whoo hooo!  I still get winded so I have to take it easy when getting ready.  But even that is much better.

Overall, things are moving along. I still have not lost any weight post surgery. Which is a bummer but I truly believe that things slow down when there is no fuel to process.  I heard another bander say that they did not start losing again until they were eating real food again. 

Take care everyone,

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